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We make auto door panels, stripe kits, headliners, seat foam, radiator hoses, autolite heater hoses for show cars including Shelby, Mustang, Mach 1, Torino, Fairlane, Galaxie, Ranchero, Comet, Cougar, Falcon, and Bronco Ford and Autolite licensed manufacturer, since 1973 with same lifelong employees, which translates to quality.

The Best Aftermarket Mustang Parts available in the world
At Mustang Market, we have been in the Mustang business for over 30 years!  Started out in the aftermarket business with radiator hoses, we expanded our business tremendously. We are now the leading door panel manufacturer in the world.  We also make stripe kits, voltage regulators, upholstery and headliners.  Our products are licensed by Ford Motor Company and approved by MCA.

Mustang Market 1971 boss Stripe Kit

Stripe Kits are Perfect!!  We properly space the stripes for you and attach a lay flat backing.  This means you do not get frustrated trying to measure and get evenly spaced down the whole car like the competitors sell.  We have seen the jagged edge stripes competitors sell in kits and do not space them for you because they do not have the equipment Ford requires to make PERFECT!!   We even cut in pieces per panel also, not one long stripe, which makes it real easy on any restoration.

At Mustang Market we've built our reputation as the industry leader by offering the best products at the best prices. We make all of our products using old technology, which keeps our door panels soft to touch, not like the bricks hard or banana shaped panels that do not fit.   All our vinyl has the exact grain and color as original.  Our material is a little thicker than the competitors who try to take short cuts to compete.  Our 15,000 square foot manufacturing plant is paid for, so we can keep costs down to pass to you and are able to negotiate and purchase the highest quality raw material on the market.

No detail is overlooked!!

Ford Licensed Product

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